Hear The Simpsons’ Classic Banger ‘Yvan Eht Nioj’ Get A Huge Punk Makeover

Aussie muso Dan Cribb has revealed another A+ Simpsons cover, this time taking on the show’s famous Navy-recruitment song ‘Yvan Eht Nioj’.

Cribb has been covering classic Simpsons songs as part of his Worst Tribute Ever project, teaming up with artists like Alex Lahey, members of Luca Brasi, Ball Park Music and Polish Club.

‘Yvan Eht Nioj’ is the 12th song to drop his ever-expanding record, and while it was going to be the last, he’s decided to extend it, today promising another 12 songs.

The Stiffys’ Jason Leigh features on this new one, turning the manufactured pop song into a raucous, punk classic, worlds away from the version Bart’s boyband Party Posse — featuring Milhouse, Nelson and Ralph — sang.

It turns out Leigh was once a sailor himself, which is why Cribb chose him for this song.

“There was really no other song he could do,” he says.

“I met Jason back in 2013 when I was playing bass in David Liebe Hart’s (Tim & Eric) band around Australia and The Stiffys were supporting. They sing about important things like kickflips and champagne, which is an interesting contrast to his soaring rock vocals, and why his appearance on Worst Tribute Ever worked so well.”

Check out the full cover and the original below, and stay tuned for many more Cribb covers to come.

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