There’s A Beastie Boys Musical In The Works, And It’s Opening Next Month

Grab your Ray Bans and backwards Fedoras, a Beastie Boys musical will be opening in London next month, under the iconic title of the groups seminal 1986 debut Licensed to Ill.

Set to be staged at the Camden People’s Theatre, the show will follow the group as they rise to fame, with the lives of MCs Mike D, Ad Rock and MCA forming the core of the narrative. The play will also be set against the backdrop of hip hop’s rise to musical dominance as a genre, tracking the group within the greater landscape of the genre and the music industry.

Promising a “new style of theatre” mixing musical elements like rapping and DJing with more theatrical elements like physical comedy and even puppetry, the musical looks set to showcase the group’s eclectic sound and influences as well as their trademark humour.

The brainchild of artistic directors Simon Maeder and Adam El Hagar who worked in collaboration with musical comedy duo Abandonman and Rubberbandits, Beastie fans the world over are sure to be excited to see the show.

You can get more info from the theatre’s website or whet your appetite for Beastie Boy goodness below with the amazing Spike Jonze direct clip for Sabotage.

Watch: Beastie Boys – Sabotage

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