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Third Round Of Acts Announced For Sydney Big Day Out

Written by Daniel Clarke on December 10, 2009

Summer has begun, the New Year is just around the corner, and so is the BIG DAY OUT! We’re thrilled to let you in on the final artists who will be touring with the BIG DAY OUT in 2010 plus the local acts taking to the stage on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd January.

BIG DAY OUT 2010 is hosting the mother of all celebrations – FEAR FACTORY’s 21st birthday. After several years’ hiatus, FEAR FACTORY hit the comeback trail this summer with Mechanize, their first album in five years. The revamped FF line-up – guitarist Dino Cazares, singer Burton C. Bell, bassist Byron Stroud and drummer Gene Hoglan – is promising raw aggression and reality. Keep it real at BIG DAY OUT with the long-awaited return of FEAR FACTORY. (ALL SHOWS)

Before there was Kool Keith, Old Dirty Bastard or 2 Live Crew – before there was hip hop, for that matter – there was BLOWFLY, performing X-rated songs with a funky groove. Sampled by many, including: The Jurassic 5, Ice Cube, Atmosphere, P Diddy, Beyonce and Wu Tang Clan, BLOWFLY’s sounds are a staple of modern-day hip hop. (ALL SHOWS)

An innovator in the Tijuana electronic music and video scene, DJ CHUCUCHU pumps out infectious Latin rhythms while his visual accompaniment will transport you to a familia Cumbia fiesta. The recent wave of Cumbia music that has enveloped most of Latin America has a very active node across the border towns of northern Mexico. Tijuana’s electronic musicians have embraced this wave with gusto (ALL SHOWS)

Montreal DJ and producer POIRIER mixes fresh Caribbean sounds including dancehall and soca with electro to create a dance floor frenzy to rival the best Carnival celebrations around the world. Joined on stage by hype man MC ZULU, their sound is equal parts lilting calypso melodies, driving percussion and traditional chutney sounds from the West Indies. Equal parts grimey, sweat-inducing and fun-as-helll, POIRIER FEAT. MC ZULU will lift the steamy roof of the Lilyworld well into the hot nights of mayhem and lunacy (ALL SHOWS)

TELEPROMPTER: A charismatic and danceable treat, TELEPROMPTER are a departure from traditional classifications. Merging Indie Rock attributes with an angular Post-Punk playing style, this indie quartet produce an enigmatic, no-holds-barred sound to the acclaim of critics and fans alike. Citing influences such as The Cure, At the Drive In, Gang of Four, and Bloc Party, Teleprompter have been honing their live performance skills and have now gained further recognition by snaring a coveted national touring spot on the BIG DAY OUT as the winner of the uncharTED competition.

Liven up! If you’re down with O.T.T (that’s over-the-top showmanship), DEAD PREZ will deliver at BIG DAY OUT 2010. But this ain’t just entertainment – it’s education. Carrying a torch passed on by the likes of Public Enemy and Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, DEAD PREZ’s defiant duo and M-1 are out to stoke the embers of your mind. It’s political, it’s confrontational, it’s inspirational. The revolution won’t be televised – it’ll be delivered on stage at BIG DAY OUT by in-your-face Floridians DEAD PREZ (NZ + EAST COAST)

Musical legends in Australia, the ‘stoner rock’ riffs of Wollongong’s TUMBLEWEED inspired a whole generation of music lovers when they emerged in 1990s from the seeds of the Proton Energy Pills and the Unheard. The sound of TUMBLEWEED has come full circle and their long-haired, heavy fuzzed-out rock dirge has found a legion of new fans. Despite their chequered history with its many ups and downs, the original line up of Richie, Lenny, Paul, Jason and Stephen have agreed to perform once again and they’re still as legendary as ever! (SYDNEY SATURDAY AND MELBOURNE)


Showground Rd Sydney Olympic Park. Gates open 11am. Event closes midnight.
Local additions: Seekae, The Wormhole (DJs Peewee, John and Stephen Ferris), Regular John, Oh Mercy, Catcall, Danimals (TED), DJ Mark Murphy, DJ Robbie Lowe

Showground Rd Sydney Olympic Park. Gates open 11am. Event closes midnight.
Local additions: Seekae, The Wormhole (DJs Peewee, John and Stephen Ferris), Songs, Freak. The Art, Bridge Mary Kiss, DJ Mark Craven, DJ Ben Morris plus triple j unearthed winner Sherlock’s Daughter

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