This Transylvanian Music Festival Would Like To Suck Your Blood

As the fabled hometown of vampire kingpin Dracula, Transylvania has pretty much become synonymous with blood (being a fanger’s preferred food and beverage). And now, one of the region’s top music festivals wants yours.

Legit, Transylvania’s Untold Festival, which will this year feature performances by Armin Van Buuren, Avicii, David Guetta and Wu Tang Clan, is offering punters a discount on the full ticket price if they subsidise it with their life’s blood.

I know what you’re thinking. The promoters probably look something like this:


Or this:


Or this:

edward cullen

No, wait. Scratch that last one.

But the whole thing is actually for a very good cause. As The Guardian reports, the only thing scarier than Romania’s gothic history is its frighteningly low rate of annual blood donations.

According to the National Institute of Blood Transfusion, only 1.7 per cent of the population donate, which is the second-lowest rate in all of Europe (although, growing up near Dracs-ville, it’s kind of understandable why locals would be a bit hesitant to willingly part with their own blood).

So, using a savvy bit of geographical branding, Untold Festival organisers have decided to offer punters a whopping 30% discount on entry in exchange for a few vials of the red stuff.

“Given that Romania faces an acute blood shortage in medical facilities, a campaign that takes inspiration from these myths in order to draw attention to a real problem is more than welcome,” festival boss Bogdan Buta told The Guardian.

Untold Festival runs from July 30th – August 2nd in the picturesque Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, and locals have until this Friday, 24th July, to get on down to one of 42 blood centres stationed around the country and cash-in their plasma for the “Pay With Blood” campaign, and help bolster Dracula’s snack bar Romania’s blood stocks.

vamp army

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