Tim Lambesis Paid A Small Fraction Of Bail, Conditions Allow Him To Continue Working

It seemed to shock a lot of people that a band such as As I Lay Dying would be pulling in enough cash for their vocalist to front a $2 million bail. But as it turns out, Tim Lambesis didn’t need to cough up that kind of cash to be set free. New details on his bail and its conditions have now surfaced revealing he only paid a tiny fraction of the amount, and is still allowed to work.

Rather than dishing out the full $2mil, Lambesis, or more accurately someone on his legal team handed $160,000 to a bail bondsman who will in turn vouch that Lambesis will appear at all the court hearings. Should he miss any hearing, or slip up in any way the Bondsman would have to pay the full $2 million meaning he would have to pay All-Pro Bail Bonds the full amount on top of the $160,000, which is nonrefundable.

Taking this method to ensure his freedom means Lambesis will have to adhere to a series of conditions that don’t appear to be too strict. He has had to hand over his passport meaning international touring is off the cards but as well as being able to visit his home, and lawyers office, Lambesis is legally allowed to still go to the studio for “work.”

This means that there could be some hope for the latest Austrian Death Machine album which was announced not too long before his arrest.

Lambesis’ next day in court will be Friday, 28th June.

(Via Metal Injection)

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