Tom DeLonge Says Angels & Airwaves’ New Music Sounds Like Boxcar Racer

A new Angels & Airwaves song is coming in hot and, apparently, it sounds like Boxcar Racer?!

ICYMI: Tom DeLonge has been teasing the heck out of AvA’s forthcoming album, previously calling it “epic”.

And now, although it may not be the exact reunion that Box Car Racer fans were hoping for in honour of their 20th anniversary, it could be the next best thing.

In his latest hype nugget, DeLonge has revealed that Angels & Airwaves have teamed up with Rich Costey, who mixed Box Car Racer‘s album, for the upcoming single, which also apparently sounds “very BCR”:

And that’s not all we have to look forward to.

It sounds like, once international touring is back on the cards, we could get an AvA Australian tour!!!

DeLonge said: “After things get back to normal our touring will start up once again across the world to help spread the message that this band has stood for 13 years… hope.”

Sign us. The fuck. Up.

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