Tom Delonge Says He Never Quit Blink-182, But Is Working With The US Government

Former Blink 182 member Tom DeLonge isn’t too stoked with his coverage in the media this week. The embattled muso took to social media today to shut down the latest reports about him, however confirming his involvement with the government while also stirring up rumours of a return to Blink 182.

You may remember recently when Delonge revealed what he described as a blossoming relationship with Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, talking “almost every day” and had infact seen Mark Hoppus the week prior. You may also remember Barker’s less-than-equal response on the matter – apparently it’s more like once a week. And Hoppus stated he hasn’t seen Tom for a year… Well, non-believes, behold:

Looks like things are more amicable than the last few months of band turmoil would suggest.

Then, taking to Instagram today, DeLonge began with a healthy bout of laughter at the suggestion that he had left the seminal pop punk outfit to hunt aliens.

While DeLonge doesn’t seem to characterise his project as “search for UFOs”, he does says he’s “absolutely” in cahoots with various US government bodies, including the Department Of Defence, Intelligence and the Executive Branch, and is working on “something important.”

However, perhaps in a fleeting moment of clarity, Delonge tell us to hold off on accepting the facts we’re given by the media until we can sink out teeth into The Sekret Machines Documentary.

In a later post DeLonge makes some big promises about what the aforementioned Sekret Machines project will reveal.

“Sometimes, I would be up late at night, sending messages back-and-forth to people within the CIA and DOD, discussing the best way to position certain information within the Sekret Machines Novel, finding a better way to lay the foundation to what will be said over the course of the project,” writes.

Sharing a photo of himself at a computer, DeLonge explains he was “talking with an Advisor about why the secrecy was so important,” adding that “The answer gave great clarity to why our government builds space craft out in the desert, and far underground away from prying eyes.”

Guess we’ll all have to sit tight.

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