Tool Post YouTube Link On Social Media, Ends Up Being 40 Minutes Of Crickets Chirping

You know what, Tool? YOU KNOW BLOODY WHAT?! Some jokes just go too far, and your endless tease of new music is one of them.

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, so all of us should’ve been on edge and remained hesitant on believing literally anything we read on the Internet. Tool took advantage of us in our vulnerable state, and posted a YouTube link to Twitter.

Those. F*cking. Bastards.

To put salt in the wound and twist the knife at the same time, they then posted two more videos: one of crickets chirping in slow motion and a 10 hour loop of crickets chirping.

We’re had it up to bloody here with ya, Keenan and friends.

The saving grace here is that it looks like we will be getting new music from the famously silent band soon. While drummer James Carey said that an album would be out in April…

Maynard James Keenan took to Twitter that, in fact, that was a lie. Maury Povich could never. However, Keenan has confirmed that we will have new Tool music at some point this year so we’ll just be waiting impatiently.

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