A New Tool Track Has “Leaked” Online

Toying with the heartstrings of fans across the world, Tool‘s Maynard James Keenan has utilised his Puscifer social media pages to play a cruel April Fools prank and “leak” new Tool music.

The “track” appeared on the Puscifer YouTube page and a link to it was also tweeted by the band, with the alluring message: “New Tool Music Leak.”

“This music leak is unsettling on many levels,” replied Tool in a subsequent post, carrying on the cruel gag. “First off, it truly sucks to have your unfinished music available on the interweb without your consent. And second, to have it immediately picked up by someone and released as their own work is infuriating.

“We don’t encourage anyone to listen to this leaked clip because it’s far from finished and it will spoil what’s to come. But if you absolutely must, then listen to both clips. These are practically identical. It’s a clear cut case of copyright infringement and plagiarism. ‪#‎sueeverybody‬ ‪#‎marchthirtysecond‬”.

You know the gist, Happy April Fools. Listen to track below.

On a, hopefully, less practical-jokey note, Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently commented that the band are seriously buckling down on the long-awaited follow-up to 2006’s 10,000 Days, after settling a near decade-long lawsuit.

“Some of it’s really heavy, some of it’s complex and some is more atmospheric, but it’s definitely Tool,” he said of the (actual) new album’s direction.

Listen: New Tool Music Leak

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"This music leak is unsettling on many levels. First off, it truly sucks to have your unfinished music available on the…

Posted by Tool on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

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