OK, So, Maynard Just Confirmed New Tool Music Is On Track For 2019

Well, the wait for new Tool music continues, but we are still ON TRACK people!

Frontman Maynard James Keenan has issued an update from the studio, tweeting “Scratch vox tracked awhile ago. AJ [Adam Jones] deep in guitars now. Final vox after. Step back. Adjust. Mix. Adjust. Re-Adjust. Master. Adjust. Re-Adjust. Long way 2 go but much closer.”

He also added the hashtags #TOOL and #2019.

It comes after the band promised to release new music next year after a twelve year saga that’s driven us all to the brink of madness.

Earlier in the year, Maynard publically called out his bandmates during a live show, asking them to finish recording their parts.

“Eventually you wonderful people are going to run out of fucking patience,” he said. “So I beg you, Danny [Carey, drums], Adam and Justin [Chancellor, bass], please finish your parts so I can finish mine.”

While we truly have no clue when the actual album is coming, or frankly if it will come at all, given the band’s conflicting statements, but at least this shows that something is indeed coming.

Of course, it’s been what feels like centuries since Tool’s last album, 10,000 Days, which was released back in 2006.

The wait continues…


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