Tool To Remaster And Reissue All Their Albums On Vinyl

It may not be the music news you’ve been waiting for from Tool, but the band have revealed that as well working on their forthcoming album they’re also gearing up to re-release all of their previous albums on vinyl.

The albums won’t just be reissued though, but all four records are set for a complete remaster as well.

The news was uncovered on reddit, with one user posting a revealing screenshot between himself and drummer Danny Carey.

Upon asking Carey whether a petition may be able to convince the band to release their 2006 album 10,000 days on vinyl, Carey responded “the petition won’t really matter. We are already in the process of remastering all of our albums for release on vinyl in the near future.”

Whether “the near future” means that these releases will simply be a way of placating Tool fans until the new record is ready, or whether this will come later, is definitely up for debate.

The latest solid album news we heard about Tool’s forthcoming fifth album was in June, when the band’s bass player revealed that it is 90% done.

Tool also uploaded new visuals to their website in May, so all this could hopefully see the record released before the year is out.

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