Top 10 Most Googled Songs Of 2013

Future world-dominators Google have unveiled their global Top Charts for 2013, revealing what Australians and the rest of the world searched for the most this year, with Psy, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis dominating the music-oriented countdowns.

Amid dead celebrities, The Block, and “What is Twerking?”, it seems Australians were still crazy about a moon-faced, South Korean pop-star, whose 2012 viral hit, Gangnam Style, managed to grip onto popularity well past its initial release, seeing Psy top out the most-searched songs chart.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis likewise did well for themselves, virally speaking. Their songs Same Love and the ubiquitous Thrift Shop appear in both the most-searched songs and song lyrics charts, pushed along by popular videos, strong radio play, and that catchy saxophone hook.

Other songs Australians loved (or loved to search for, at least) was Lorde and her flagship single, Royals, Robin Thicke‘s contentious hit, Blurred Lines, Katy Perry‘s feline ode, Roar, and Miley Cyrus, who sent the world wide web ablaze with her Sinead O’Connor-aping Wrecking Ball video.

2013 Australian Google Top Chart – Songs

1. Psy – Gangnam Style

2. Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

3. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

4. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop

5. Katy Perry – Roar

6. Karmin – Acapella

7. Psy – Gentleman

8. Lorde – Royals

9. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Same Love

10. James Arthur – Impossible

2013 Australian Google Top Chart – Lyrics

1. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop

2. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

3. Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

4. Lorde – Royals

5. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Same Love

6. Katy Perry – Roar

7. James Arthur – Impossible

8. Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

9. Anna Kendrick – Cup

10. Rihanna – Stay

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