Travis Barker Will Tour With Blink-182 For Soundwave 2013

Update 08/08: Soundwave 2013 lineup has been officially announced! Check it out here!

We heard big news last night: Blink-182 confirmed themselves as headliners for next year’s Soundwave 2013 lineup. But really, the burning question on everyone’s lips is whether or not Travis Barker would be joining his fellow bandmates on the long flight to Australia.

Well the answer to that question was given via a straightforward tweet from Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah himself, which was a yes: Mark, Tom and Travis will be visiting Australia this February. Let’s face it – it’s just not quite Blink without the shirtless, tattooed and occasionally mo-hawked sticks-man, who brought powerful rhythm and life to the band when he joined them back in 1998.

His fear of flying is known to many of his fans, and has often hindered his ability to tour. But, Australia loves Blink, and Blink equally love us back, which is why he’s determined to try and work his way through his problems, and likely take the option of knocking himself out in the interim just to make the effort to reach our shores.

In 2008 Barker was involved in a horrific plane accident that killed four passengers and almost took his own life. He no longer flies, and admits it’s a big problem for him considering his touring lifestyle, but on the plus side, if there is any, he now runs and swims every day, eats well and has taken on a vegan diet.

His recent interview with Red Bulletin Magazine is quite touching, and reveals his full acceptance of the problem and the realisation that it’s not just effecting him, but also his children, who also seem to have taken on some of his trauma from the experience.

For any Blink fans out there, this is probably the best news you’ll hear from now until next Wednesday at least, when we expect to get the full Soundwave 2013 lineup. Tweets confirm the band will also be playing the full tour, with all dates confirmed by Maddah, who admitted he’s been begging them to tour for 7 years.

Check out our full Soundwave 2013 lineup rumours and coverage here.

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