Turns Out Harry From Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Was Triple J’s 2016 Air DJ Champion

If you’re one of the millions who’ve shamelessly binged Netflix reality TV garbage fire Too Hot To Handle during lockdown, then you’ll know Harry Jersey as the show’s resident larrikin Aussie horndog, and one half of its most notoriously cash-splashing couple (alongside boo Francesca Farago, whom he just got engaged to IRL).

But, like many triple J listeners, our brains collectively exploded today when it was brought to our attention that THIS IS NOT ACTUALLY THE FIRST TIME WE’VE BEEN INTRODUCED TO HARRY.

In fact, the Lismore lad previously enjoyed more than his requisite 15 minutes of fame back in 2016 when triple J Drive hosts Veronica & Lewis, accompanied by DJ extraordinaire Bauer, phoned him up to inform him that he’d taken out that year’s national Air DJ Championship.

But it wasn’t just his indisputably superior air DJing skills that turned Hazza into a local legend.

Upon answering the phone, he uttered the immortal words “RING-a-ding-ding, you’ve got The King!” and with that, the then-19-year-old became a darling of triple j and a semi-regular on-air personality on the Veronica & Lewis show in the months to come, all prior to becoming a global reality TV sensation of course.

Need proof?

Take a trip down memory lane and re-live Harry’s big moment in a clip from the j-archives below.

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