Underage Good Life Festival Attendees Nabbed For Drug Offences

Teenagers misbehaving and doing drugs – who ever thought we’d see the day? The Daily Telegraph has reported that adolescent outlaws at yesterday’s Good Life Festival in Sydney were caught in possession of illicit substances.

The under-18s festival event, which took place on Sunday at Randwick Racecourse, saw several attendees detained in a makeshift ‘naughty corner’ on site until their parents arrived to take them home. According to NSW Police, 6 arrests were made, “with the majority of those for drug and assault offences”, and 40 people in total were ejected from Good Life.

Approximately 100 police officers were patrolling the festival while private security staff carried out pat-down searches and random breath tests. Before the festival, Good Life organisers gave notice there would be a zero-tolerance policy regarding drug intake and alcohol consumption.

According to NineMSN, the weekend’s other big music festival in Sydney, Saturday’s Future Music Festival, saw 140 people arrested, the majority of whom were charged with various drug offences. 164 revellers were ejected from the festival and 33 infringement notices were handed out.

Even so, in an official statement NSW Police praised the majority of the approximately 15,000 underage festival goers at Good Life and the 50,000 fans who attended Future Music for behaving appropriately and helping create a positive experience for others:

“Revellers at both events held over the weekend should be congratulated on their behaviour and as a result were able to have a fantastic experience at the festival. We saw some people treated for intoxication yesterday, but we were pleased with the majority who had listened to our warnings about bringing alcohol and drugs into the event. Officers patrolling spoke to a number of revellers who were in good spirits and were as a whole very well behaved.”

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