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Minors To Be Drug Tested At Underage Festival Good Life

Written by Mike Hohnen on February 11, 2013

Ah – to think of all the things I got up to as a child…none of which involved getting fucked up and heading into a music festival. It seems the times are a-changin’, as evident in a recent decision by touring powerhouse Future Music Entertainment. The Tele has reported that ticket holders for the company’s Good Life Festival will be subject to drug and alcohol testing.

Organisers have made it clear that they will be taking a zero-tolerance approach towards drugs and alcohol at the event and will be implementing the tests as a condition of entry. Festivalgoers will also be subject to bag checks and will be given the once-over by metal detectors.

A spokesperson for Good Life commented on behalf of the festival, saying that, “The measures are there to create a big deterrent to the people who want to do the wrong thing and to protect the health and safety of everyone going to the festival. We want all these people to be able to mingle with their peers and enjoy the artists they want to see at a clean, well-managed event.”

The spokesperson also mentioned that those who are under the influence will be taken to an on-site ‘care unit’ and will be refused entry.

This is the first time Good Life will be rolling through Sydney, but the fact that the event has been running happily for 3 years in Melbourne proves it can work well.

Needless to say, this very much pleases the NSW police, with event commander Superintendent Gavin Dengate commenting he “supports the move 100%”, adding, “I want to see kids go to these festivals and have a good time – some of them will be attending their first concert – but we want them to be safe and to reassure their parents they’ll be safe.”

Parents who are worried about the event can probably chill, as there will be around 100 police officers patrolling the grounds. In fact, stressful parents have been deemed a hazard on the day as Superintendent Dengate says, “Our biggest headache will be the parents wanting to drop their kids off out the front and posing a safety risk for pedestrians so I urge parents to trust police.”

People wishing to act as chaperones – be it for a child or younger sibling – won’t be allowed onto festival grounds. The terms clearly state an age restriction of 12-17 years old.

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