US industry group says that moshing and crowd surfing should be banned once concerts restart

As live music venues begin to reopen in America – despite having over 1 million more cases of coronavirus than any other country in the world – a new industry report has said that moshing and crowd surfing should be completely prohibited.

As reported by Billboard, Event Safety Alliance executives Steven Adelman and Jacob Worek published a 29 page guideline for live music venues to follow once they re-open, after speaking to 400 people within the business, including tour promoters, managers, Ticketmaster employees and more.

“Patrons cannot all stand at the front of the stage like they are accustomed; moshing and crowd surfing are violations of social distancing per se and must be absolutely prohibited during this pandemic,” the recommendations say.

“…even hallways and smoking areas where patrons congregate will have to be monitored to enforce health policies,” the recommendations continue.”

Other recommendations, as pointed out by Billboard, include:

  • “Hand-washing every hour, as well as after sneezing, mopping, smoking, eating, drinking and other select activities.”
  • “Sanitising door handles, sink faucets, soap dispensers, elevator buttons, phones, water fountains, vending machines, trash bins and computers, among many other things.”
  • “Stagger lines into venues so patrons don’t have to cluster in lines.”
  • “Temperature screening for every customer.”

This news comes shortly after the introduction of the “drive-in concert” – a concept that would’ve seemed laughable until now.

triple j spoke to Danish musician Mads Langer, believed to have been the artist to perform the world’s first drive in concert, earlier this month.

“At first, it felt extremely awkward,” Langer said.

“I realised on-stage that I was performing to four people times 500, rather than 2,000 people.”

While there’s no word yet on when gigs will become a part of our lives in Australia again, it’s likely you’ll have to keep your dreams of crowd surfing at bay for a while yet.

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