Video: Mars Volta Play New Songs Under Different Band Name

Progressive rock band The Mars Volta have been showcasing new songs while playing under Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s solo act Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group(?)

The Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group which consists of Omar, Juan Alderete, Deantoni Parks, and Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez (all of which are members of The Mars Volta) recently appeared at SXSW with a special guest appearance on stage by none other than Cedric Bixler-Zavala the lead singer of the group. They then went on to perform a whole Mars Volta set which included 4 news songs, likely to be on their follow up album to 2009’s Octahedron.

Cedric was only supposed to appear with The Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group for a few shows, but it turns out he’s been showing up every night to perform the new Mars Volta songs.

Here are a few of the songs we found on YouTube

The Whip Hands

New Jam

Jacob Jam + New Song

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