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The Mars Volta Announce First New Album Since 2012

US progressive rock band The Mars Volta have announced their first new album since 2012. The group’s forthcoming self-titled album will be their seventh overall. It’s due to arrive on Friday, 16th September.

Alongside the announcement, the band have released the new single, ‘Vigil’, and shared the quote, “And the obits wait for a perfect name”.

The Mars Volta – ‘Vigil’

An accompanying press release provides details of the forthcoming record. It’s described as a departure from the band’s typically extravagant earlier material, with only two tracks on the record surpassing four minutes. The album is hyped as showing guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López and singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala at “their most mature, most concise, most focused”.

The Mars Volta’s previous full-length album was 2012’s Noctourniquet. The band broke up later that year, citing friction between Rodríguez-López and Bixler-Zavala as the reason for the split. The pair soon made amends, however, and joined forces in Antemasque, before reviving At The Drive-In in 2016 and releasing the comeback album, in•ter a•li•a, in 2017.

Following rumours of a reunion in recent years, the group announced its return in June, sharing new single ‘Blacklight Shine’, before following up with ‘Graveyard Love’ in July.

The Mars Volta is set for release on 16th September.

The Mars Volta – The Mars Volta

  1. Blacklight Shine
  2. Graveyard Love
  3. Shore Story
  4. Blank Condolences
  5. Vigil
  6. Qué Dios Te Maldiga Mí Corazón
  7. Cerulea
  8. Flash Burns From Flashbacks
  9. Palm Full Of Crux
  10. No Case Gain
  11. Tourmaline
  12. Equus 3
  13. Collapsible Shoulders
  14. The Requisition

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