Violent Soho Are Doing ‘Like A Version’ Next Week, Here’s What We Think They Might Cover

UPDATE 21/10/16: Here’s what Violent Soho actually covered for Like A Version.

ORIGINAL STORY: The covers segment Like A Version has long been a triple j institution, and following Emma Louise’s incredible cover of Nick Cave on this morning’s edition, it was announced that Manfield’s finest, Violent Soho, will be heading in next week to show off their cover skillz.

The boys from Brissy have found their own tunes at the centre of a number of Like A Version covers over the past couple of years. Northeast Party House gave their take of Soho’s track Covered In Chrome in 2014, then last year Tired Lion gave us a killer mashup of Saramona Said crossed with a Smashing Pumpkins track.

2016 has already seen Modern Baseball put their own spin on Violent Soho’s Dope Calypso, and now it’s Violent Soho’s turn in the hot seat.

While there’s pretty much an endless number of possibilities for who they might choose to cover, we’re offering up some blue-sky suggestions for which tracks they might smash out next Friday.

There’s definitely a trend for bands covering tracks which are (or have been) on triple j‘s rotation, but there’s just as much of a precedent for some older classics.

So without further ado, here are the tracks we think they might (or should) cover…

Silverchair – ‘Freak’

With Emma Louise and a slew of other artists covering ’90s acts on recent Like A Version segments, we wouldn’t be surprised if Violent Soho took us back to 1997 with a cover of a long-haired Daniel Johns-led Silverchair and their classic track Freak. It would be immense.

Blur – ‘Song 2’

Song 2 is by far the most well-known song by the Britpoppers, and the track’s guitar riffs would suit Soho perfectly. Who wouldn’t want to hear frontman Luke Boerdam go hard AF on that iconic chorus?

DZ Deathrays – ‘Gina Works At Hearts’

Violent Soho have been inseparable with their good mates in DZ Deathrays and Dune Rats this year, but given Dune Rats already copped a cover a few weeks back, we’re thinking that it might be time DZ’s 2014 track Gina Works At Hearts copped a fresh coat of paint.

Oasis – ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’

Sure it’s probably a little less likely that Violent Soho will turn to an Oasis tune for their spot on Like A Version, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching week after week of this segment it’s that absolutely anything can and will happen, and this one would be quite fitting.

Afroman – ‘Because I Got High’

If Soho feel like being particularly good trolls on the day, who knows — we could be treated to a rock cover of this classic… but we probably won’t be. We can dream, right?

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