Watch A 10-Year-Old And Her Little Sister Shred Through Some Slayer

While their peers are probably busy fawning over their preferred One Direction heartthrob, 10-year-old Audrey and her younger sister Kate have dedicated their time and obvious talents to absolutely shredding it on a cover of Slayer‘s War Ensemble, from their 1990 album Seasons in the Abyss.

Evident in the video below, Audrey crushes the signature runaway guitars on the album opener and Slayer concert staple, which also happens to outdate her by 14 years. Meanwhile, baby sis Kate does her best Tom Araya impersonation and perfectly captures those signature guttural screams.

The game the adorable twosome are playing is called Rocksmith, which is similar to Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but played with an actual guitar. Consummate professional that she is, Audrey manages to keep her composure amid Kate’s bloodcurdling enthusiasm and gets herself a new high score.

Watch: Audrey & Kate – War Ensemble (Slayer Cover)

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