Watch Tom Morello Surprise 10-Year-Old Rage Against The Machine Shredder With A Signature Guitar

Earlier this month, a badass 10-year-old girl by the name of Nandi Bushell went viral with her cover of Rage Against the Machine’s iconic ‘Guerilla Radio’. The UK-based multi-instrumentalist tracked drums, bass and guitar herself for the searing instrumental rendition, which she recorded in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

At the time, it got approval from Rage guitarist Tom Morello himself, who retweeted the video with the caption, “Well, now we are on the right track.”

Now, Morello has gone one step further and sent Bushell one of his signature guitars, a Fender Soul Power Stratocaster.

In a video message that accompanied the surprise, Morello says, “I’d like you to have this guitar as a gift from me to you because you rock so great, and to see someone rocking so great who is so young, it really gives me hope for the future.”

“I didn’t start playing guitar until I was 17 years old, so you are way, super far ahead of me, and I look forward to hearing a lot more of your music in the future. You’ve got a lot of soul, and here’s a little Soul Power to go with it. Keep it up!”

It’s not the first time Bushell has received accolades from the rock world – she’s previously jammed with Lenny Kravitz at the O2 Arean in London and recently performed a drum cover of ‘Toxicity’ by System of a Down for Download Festival TV.

You can watch the (incredibly wholesome) moment Bushell receives the guitar from Morello below.

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