Watch Adalita, Jen Cloher & More Turn Guitar Store Sexism On Its Head In New Skit

Instrument shops can be a weird place for anyone to enter. But the fact of the matter is, women are often treated in a very different manner to their male counterparts when perusing the ol’ timber and steel.

In an effort to highlight just how different this treatment is, a small crowd Australian rock mad dawgs have teamed up to create a skit, turning the usual gender roles of the situation on their head.

‘Gender Reversed Guitar Shopping’ has been released as part of Laura Imbruglia’s variety show Amateur Hour. In the skit, Aussie musos Adalita, Jen Cloher, High Tension’s Lauren Hammel and Little Rebel Collective’s Rhia Moulds are all guitar store ‘bros’, who don’t seem too cool with the other gender getting in on their turf.

Enter Davey Lane and Kat Spazzy, who are on the hunt for a new axe for Lane. The pair are met with sexist generalisations, the subtle sexism of lower expectations, and so much man-splaining. Lane finds himself simply unable to be heard over the noise of the others being too cool.

Of course, this is a skit, but in real life, this is the reality for so many female musicians of various caliber trying to hold their on in an industry that is somehow still male-dominated.

Watch the lols unfold in ‘Gender Reversed Guitar Shopping’, below.

Amateur Hour: Gender Reversed Guitar Shopping

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