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Watch Jen Cloher Return In The Hilarious New Skit ‘Gender Reversed Soundcheck’

In news that will come as a shock to approximately no one, sexism is still very much a thing that exists in the music industry.

And it extends beyond female musos being routinely mistaken for groupies or girlfriends of the actual band (which, as all of you musically inclined lady-bros will know, happens on the mother flippin’ reg).

So Aussie muso Jen Cloher has returned to remind us just how much these gender-based prejudices are entrenched, via a pisser new skit entitled ‘Gender Reversed Soundcheck’.

The rip-snorter of a clip marks the latest in Laura Imbruglia‘s excellent Amateur Hour web series, which previously gifted us with the painfully accurate LOLs of ‘Gender Reversed Guitar Shopping’.

This time around, Cloher is joined by Laura Jean, writer-director Imbruglia herself and good sport Jack Colwell, who valiantly volunteered himself for three minutes of cringeworthy-yet-hilarious and TBH spot-on gender-reversed micro aggressions during his day-in-the-life experience of the average female muso during soundcheck.


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