Watch: Blink 182 New EP ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’ Teaser

Blink 182 have released a teaser video for their upcoming EP Dogs Eating Dogs. During the clip band members Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge talk about the new EP, which is being released independently.

“I honestly believe that the best work that we do is always the work that we do when we’re in the room together. Just being able to communicate with one another, face-to-face. That’s when our band coalesces and that’s when the good work gets done,” explains Hoppus.

“I think spending so much [time] away from each other has given us the opportunity to grow,” adds DeLonge. “But now as we enter the new era with this EP specifically, I feel like we’re on target to become the greatest band that we’ve ever been.”

“I think the writing process is different coz we’re all finally in the studio making music together,” notes Barker. “I think all the songs are really different and they all kind of showcase something different; like a different part of our band.”

“I just think people really need to prepare for the return of Blink 182,” declares DeLonge to conclude the clip.

Yesterday fans were given their first taste of the new EP with the online release of Boxing Day. As for the entire EP, Dogs Eating Dogs will be released December 18, giving local fans plenty of time to absorb the new material before the punk-pop trio come out to Australia for Soundwave 2013.

Watch: Blink 182 – Dogs Eating Dogs – Teaser

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