Watch Eric Andre Impersonate Korn’s Jonathan Davis, Lose His Shit On Breakfast TV

Earlier this year, comedian Eric Andre (from the brilliantly bonkers The Eric Andre Show) and actor Jay Baruchel turned a live television interview into an all-out Korn impersonation session, took on the persona of the band’s frontman, Jonathan Davis, and lost their collective shit on breakfast TV.

Footage of Andre and Baruchel’s hilarious interview, which can be seen in full below, sees the pair chatting with the anchors of Eyewitness News Mornings in Bakersfield, California, where Korn are originally from. The duo begin by talking about their show Man Seeking Woman, but change tact midstream.

“The band Korn — are they from Bakersfield?” Andre asks the show’s host, before bursting into his best Jonathan Davis, “Rugadungduguggadungdadungdadungdung.” Baruchel joins in, with his best, “Boomatmaignmatmaignmatmaign,” and the hilarity ensues.

The television anchors attempt to delicately steer the interview back on subject, but just about everything they say turns into a Korn impression.

Despite Andre clearly leading the Davis impersonation session, Korn themselves took to Twitter yesterday to say that Baruchel’s impression is better than the comedian’s. Our money remains on Andre’s, but you can make up your mind with the full video, below.

Earlier this month, Jonathan Davis confirmed a rumoured collaboration with Marilyn Manson. The pair last collaborated on Davis’ 2002 track, Redeemer.

Watch: Eric Andre & Jay Baruchel Korn Impersonations On Eyewitness News Mornings

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