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Korn Frontman Jonathan Davis “Didn’t Eat For A Month” During Covid Battle

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis made headlines earlier this year, when he performed on tour with the assistance of an oxygen tank, due to contracting Covid.

Davis’, who caught a case of breakthrough Covid while being double vaxxed, made it through the Korn tour but has now spoken about his torrid ordeal dealing with the disease.

“That was hard on me,” he said of the experience, speaking to HardDrive radio.

“I was at a gig in Scranton. My girl had tested positive three days prior. So I was hoping I wouldn’t get infected.

“I kept testing. I was, like, ‘negative, negative, negative’, like ‘oh, I just dodged a bullet.’ Then I tested positive. I was scared shitless; I was freaking out.

Davis went on to talk about his symptoms, noting that “I was totally wiped out. I couldn’t move — just the body aches.

“I didn’t eat for a month, damn near. But thank God it didn’t get into my lungs; that would have freaked me really out.

“But I got through it and tested negative on the 25th, I think, and I played a show the next day.

“And I was beaten up, but I just couldn’t find it in my heart… I just wanted to get through it because I saw how happy people were to see live music and I just didn’t wanna let anyone down.”

Guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer and drummer Ray Luzier also contracted the disease, but the band persevered and are now back with a new album on the way for the new year.

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