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Watch Eves Karydas’ Soulful Cover Of Ruel’s ‘Painkiller’ For Like A Version

Eves Karydas was up for this week’s Like A Version and she has absolutely smashed it. Giving us a super soulful cover of Ruel’s ‘Painkiller’, she doesn’t stray too far from the original in the beginning but her vocals are absolutely stunning.

The cover ramps TF up towards the end where Eves Karydas starts mixing the “real love” line from Frank Ocean’s ‘Super Rich Kids In’ while the instrumentals start leaning towards ‘Benny And The Jets’ from Elton John.

She also gave us a performance of her original ‘Complicated’. It’s a bit lighter than the studio version with the production a little less ~complicated~.

In her ‘Behind the Like A Version’, Eves Karydas shared that the lyrics of Ruel’s ‘Painkiller’ really resonated. She says it reminded her of where she was when she wrote ‘Complicated’.

She also points out that she took on Like A Version exactly two years prior.

“I watched the video this morning and I was dressed in all black. Today I’m all white,” she laughs about the accidental juxtaposition.

You can catch her Ruel cover, her ‘Complicated’ original, and her ‘Behind the Like a Version’ below.

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