Eves Karydas Announces New Album 'Burnt Tapes'
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Eves Karydas Announces New Album ‘Burnt Tapes’, Shares Tour Dates

Eves Karydas is all set to release her new album “Burnt Tapes,” with the unveiling of her latest single, “Girlboss”. The album is set to drop on July 5th and will be accompanied by an East Coast tour in the same month. Kerydas, just like her previous hits “Further Than The Planes Fly” and “Complicated,” continues to mesmerize the listeners with her songs.

“I started writing this song in jest more than anything,” Eves Karydas explains. “The idea was born out of the desire to laugh at myself for being an overly sensitive person. It’s an ode to being a quiet girl and my fear of being misunderstood in a world that celebrates loudness. I suppose it’s my antithesis to the ideas that our generation of women were raised on; sometimes it’s hard not to see the girlboss machine as anything other than pressure put on women to shapeshift to fit into a man’s world. I own that it’s never as straightforward as that, and every woman has a different experience (as they should!), but for me, most days, I’m just trying to figure out where and how I fit in.”

Eves Karydas – ‘Burnt Tapes’

Here is the tracklist of the album “Burnt Tapes”:

●Hair down

●Burnt Tapes

●Call Me!


●Take 2

●Sunday Drive


●Save Me For A Saturday

●Best Light

●Wierd Energy/Thick Of It

Here are the dates of the tour:

●Fri 5 Jul – Howler – Naarm / Melbourne

●Thu 11 Jul – The Zoo – Meanjin / Brisbane

●Sat 6 Jul – Mary’s Underground – Eora / Sydney

Calling it “an ode to reclaiming my sound, image and narrative,” Karydas is reconstructing angry burnout and dissatisfaction in the face of her perceived success. Burnt Tapes provides an entirely new scope to her greatest motives – songwriting and performance – with musicality and conviction not seen before. Because of Eves Karydas’s aptitude, she has already been recognized for over 60 million career streams (and counting) and has received ARIA-platinum certification.

While we wait for the next chapter of Eves Karydas, fans can expect more exciting news and release in 2024. Stay tuned for her musical journey.

You can check out the new album ‘Burnt Tapes’ here.

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