Watch: Goons Of Doom Making The Most Of La Casa Residency

The Goons of Doom have checked in from Corona’s own utopia, better known as La Casa. While crashing at the brand new digs, the band have been hard at it with all the musical equipment at their disposal – much to the delight of fans. But they have also found themselves caught up in a whole lotta other activities – also to the delight of fans.

As you will learn from the below video, it is a hatred of bluebottles that bonds the band, though I’m sure their love of surfing and making music helps things along too. From spotting the extinct Dodo bird right in their back yard, to reading tomes on how to write number one songs, and spending plenty of time sitting on motorbikes without actually going anywhere – the whole thing is sounding more like a vacation than an artist residency, but fear not – that is the point.

The band have mentioned that fans can expect a new double album in the near future. By looking at the footage, it’s hard to tell if the lads are working hard, or hardly working, but we sure as hell hope that some of these good times and chill vibes make their way onto the release. Check it out:

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