Watch Green Day Diss Donald Trump With MTV ‘American Idiot’ Performance

Carrying on their recent tradition of changing up the lyrics of songs to bash US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Green Day have delivered yet another not-so-subtle diss on the wannabe Wall-building prez.

The veteran punk rock act have used their set at the MTV European Music Awards to take another venomous swipe at old m8 Trump, updating some of the lyrics of their politically-charged anthem American Idiot from “the subliminal mind fuck America” to “the subliminal mind Trump America”.

Using Trump’s name as a synonym for the F-bomb is a pretty powerful indication of what Billie Joe & co reckon the Combover King will do the the United States, if elected to the top job tomorrow.


Green Day’s latest dig at The Donald comes after their recent gig in New Jersey, during which they changed up the lyrics of fellow American Idiot anthem Holiday – a song that rails against the kind of US political conservatism that Trump (among other things) stands for – from “pulverise the Eiffel Tower” to “pulverise the Trump Towers”, after branding its T-Unit a “white supremacist”.

Catch footage of the band’s latest public diss on The Donald below, alongside their MTV EMA performance of their new Revolution Radio track Bang Bang.

And ICYMI: Green Day will be touring their latest LP Revolution Radio in Australia next April and May, while their iconic American Idiot musical is set to make its debut on Aussie stages in February.

Watch: Green Day — ‘American Idiot’ Live @ MTV EMA’s 2016

Watch: Green Day — ‘Bang Bang’ Live @ MTV EMA’s 2016

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