Watch Kasabian Mash Up ‘Sesame Street’ With The Beach Boys On ‘Like A Version’

Rockers Kasabian are well known for their constant experimentation and a never-ending search for unique sounds, but this might just be the UK outfits most ambitious move yet. Fresh from

the rocking out stages on their headlining Australian tour, the band stopped by triple j for Like A Version a delivered a mash up of the Sesame Street theme song and The Beach BoysGood Vibrations.

“To attempt those harmonies at this ungodly hour, we must be insane,” noted singer Sergio Pizzorno. “I tell you what it is, there’s not enough verses in Sesame Street to be honest. There’s only like two.” Once they discovered the Sesame Street riff was similar to Good Vibrations there was no turning back. “I hope we’ve not offended too many people,” he added.

Counting themselves in as Sesame Street‘s The Count, the band dove into a delightfully sunny cover of the classic television theme, melding that seamlessly into the Beach Boys’ equally sunny surf-rock hit. They even managed to slip the words “Ramsay Street” in at one point, giving the cover a local touch.

While in the studio, the band also delivered an acoustic performance of their own song Stevie, taken from their fifth studio album, 48:13. Watch that performance alongside their Sesame Street/Good Vibrations mash up below, and catch up on what went down during the band’s Sydney show right here.

Watch: Kasabian cover Sesame Street/Good Vibrations

Watch: Kasabian – Stevie

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