Watch Kiss’ Paul Stanley’s Hilarious Unaired Coffee Commercial

A long-lost clip of KISS frontman Paul Stanley‘s unaired commercial for instant coffee brand Folgers has surfaced online, bringing an early Christmas present to internet users worldwide.

Reports Ultimate Classic Rock, Stanley took off his iconic makeup and lent his voice to the brand for a commercial back in 2000 but it was eventually shelved for undisclosed reasons made somewhat obvious when you watch the thing.

In the newly surfaced clip, which you can and must watch below, the KISS frontman walks around a circus tent, in the company of a trapeze artist, whilst singing class lines like, “Folgers stirs inside of me, and I know what I can be / The limit is the sky, hey, world watch me fly” and then brings it home with, “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.”

As pointed out by Rolling Stone, Stanley has had no second thoughts about the commercial, and even spoke about his involvement in a previous interview. “Life is strange. I got a call asking if I was interested in singing a Folgers commercial. And like many other things, I thought ‘Why not?'” Stanley said.

“I wasn’t at all concerned with who thinks it is okay or not okay, cool, not cool, rock & roll or not. I had a blast doing it and like I said, isn’t that what this is all about?” He’s also taken to Twitter today to distribute the video to followers.

Meanwhile, those wanting to catch the frontman back in KISS costume might be in luck as his bandmate Gene Simmons recently teased a forthcoming Australian tour.

Watch: Paul Stanley Folgers Coffee Commercial

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