Watch Mac DeMarco Deliver LOLs In Bizarre Informercial For Seekae’s Alex Cameron

Mac DeMarco has made a very strange but excellent infomercial promoting Aussie artist and Seekae member Alex Cameron‘s debut album Jumping The Shark.

The album was released back in 2014, but it’s only just been released in the US via Secretly Canadian, the same label that houses ANOHNI, The War On Drugs and Whitney.

Cameron has supported DeMarco on a European tour, and now it seems DeMarco has taken it on himself to pressure everyone into buying the album.

In the clip (below) he attempts to make his mate Jon Lent buy the album by basically placing copies of the record all around the house so that they haunt him when he’s showering, BBQing and even pouring cereal.

It’s a little puzzling as to why he’d need to buy it if he’s already got hundreds of copies in his house, but DeMarco is a relentless salesperson, telling him to “buy that shit”.

It’s kind of the lighthearted, music-centred equivalent of a horror film as the copies of the CD start to haunt Lent. Basically, it’s a good laugh and a lesson that if DeMarco tell you to buy something, you buy it.

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