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Mac DeMarco Releases 199-Song Demo Album ‘One Wayne G’

Mac DeMarco has released a new 199-song album titled One Wayne G. Released with no forewarning at all, One Wayne G comes only a few months after the release of his last album, the instrumental Five Easy Hot Dogs.

The new album consists largely of rough demos of tracks dating from 2018 to 2023 – some tracks have song names, while others are simply listed as the date they were recorded. Have a listen to one of the many nameless songs below; all up, One Wayne G spans nearly nine hours.

Mac DeMarco: ‘20190724’

The title One Wayne G is in reference to hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, who dominated the sport with the Edmonton Oilers in the 1980s. Gretzky wore the number 99 on his jumper.

Five Easy Hot Dogs was pulled together on a three-month road trip across North America, with DeMarco writing and recording each song in a different city. According to DeMarco, he wasn’t allowed to return home to Los Angeles until he’d finished an album.

“I wanted to feel enveloped by the whole thing,” DeMarco told Apple Music about the album. “I wanted to dispel the divide between my personal life and my public life, for my art, and just make it all one big glob. So, I just went.”

Five Easy Hot Dogs was DeMarco’s first release since his 2019 album Here Comes the Cowboy.

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