Watch A Smartass Prankster Order Domino’s Using Adele’s ‘Hello’

Adele‘s record-breaking comeback single Hello has many fine attributes. Among them, it’s spawned some hilarious mashups and parodies, reached number one in 26 countries and enjoyed the largest opening week sales in three years. Plus it’s just plain noice to listen to.

But in a surprise twist, it turns out the soul diva’s new one is also the perfect prank call tool, as one smartass British crank-yanker has fortunately demonstrated.

The lad’s gone and filmed himself ordering pizza from Domino’s, using audio snippets from Adele’s Hello. And it works, like, wayyyy too well. Observe:

Adele: “Hello”

Dominos dude: “Hello”

Adele: “How are you?”

Dominos dude: “Very well thank you. Can I take your order?”

Adele: “Can you hear me?”

Dominos dude: “Yes I can hear you perfectly.”

Adele: “I must have called a thousand times.”

And so on and so forth with increasing amounts of hilarity, as the pizza dude still doesn’t cotton on to the fact that he’s been locked in a conversation with one of the biggest singles of the past decade until he’s already been made to look like an A-grade douche canoe.


Is it legit? We’re not sure. But if so, then massive props to YouTube user The Unluckiest British Bloke Ever for pulling off one of the classiest crank-yanks of the year.

Watch Adele get the hots for what’s in the box with the dots, below.

Watch: Adele Ordering Dominos

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