Watch The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. Go Completely Apeshit On An Attempted Pickpocketer

The Strokes may be fairly chill when it comes to the kind of music they play, but not – apparently – when it comes to being pickpocketed.

One would-be thief has learned this lesson the hard way after attempting to snatch a wallet from guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.’s wife.

When he was quizzed by a fan on Twitter about what exactly went down, Hammond Jr. replied with this vague missive:

However, a more accurate description would be that the guitarist went full-blown apeshit on the attempted fleecer, unleashing a can of McBain-grade whoop-ass.


As Rip It Up reports, a video of the biff has since surfaced online, in which Hammond Jr. and co seem to be heard giving a play-by-play of the events as they unfolded.

“Oh wow! I did get angry, didn’t I?!” says – who we think is – Hammond Jr., as his televisual counterpart lays the smackdown on the sticky-fingered assailant.

Check it out below, AND catch AHJ – who may or may not also secretly be Batman – when he comes to Australia for a solo tour in February of 2016.

Watch: Albert Hammond, Jr. Lashes out at Pickpocket

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