Watch Sydney Punk Band FANGZ Ruin Your Childhood With Hilarious Wiggles Pisstake ‘Drifter’ Music Video

Sydney’s punk rock rabble-rousers FANGZ have just unleashed some truly unholy visuals for their turbo new belter ‘Drifter’.

The Joel McDonald and Reece Grogan-directed music video sees a familiar-looking band of rainbow sweater-wearing kids’ entertainers dubbed ‘The Fangz’ accidentally rock up to a swanky engagement party thanks to a right balls-up by their degenerate slimebag of a manager, who bears a disturbing resemblance to a certain beloved pirate captain with a feather for a sword.

“We’re a pretty DIY punk-rock band and we get by with a little help from our friends,” explains bassist Jameel Majam.

“I remember when we first came up with the idea, Reece (Yeah Rad Creative) sat me down and gave me a massive list of things to do, literally pages and then told me we had five days to get it done. Thankfully we have a solid group of friends to run around and help us deck out a faux engagement party. Every kid grows up wanting to be in The Wiggles. I would have even settled for the Hooley Dooleys. Unfortunately, I think this clip might be the closest I’ll ever get to it”.

Watch the clip below, and you can catch the Fangz lads on YouTube, where their COVID-cancelled tour has given way to a stacked itinerary of fortnightly live-streamed performances from their purpose-built Coronavirus bunker.

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