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Sydney Punk Act FANGZ Go On National TV To Talk Egg-Shattering World Record

Sydney punk rapscallions FANGZ have been snagging global music headlines this past week after cracking the Guinness World Record for most hard-boiled eggs eaten in one sitting.

Frontman Josh Cottreau gobbled down 143 of those bad boys in less than four minutes, smashing the previously held record by two.

“Very ridiculous”

After drumming up international attention and, as the kids say, breaking the internet with the stunt, the local act were invited this week onto Channel Ten’s morning show, Studio 10, to chat about the whole egg-sperience.

“I’ve always had a feeling my first live-to-air interview on national TV would be about breaking the world record for eating the most eggs in one sitting, so it was a huge honour to be featured on Studio 10,” Josh told Music Feeds in a statement.

“As part of the segment, they made me eat as many eggs as I could in 30 seconds, which didn’t sit well with my digestive system. After the interview, I raced into their stage side toilets and unleashed my bowels (plus all the debauchery from the weekend), and it left a smell that would outlast religion.

“As soon as I walked out, I’m pretty sure the host Jess Eva walked in. When it was time to leave, I asked for a photo with the hosts, but by that point, I don’t think she wanted to come anywhere near me.”

The record (and network bathroom) annihilation coincides with the release of FANGZ’s new single “Let’s Talk’, produced by LOSER’s Tim Maxwell, which soundtracks their official World Record attempt video (watch below).

FANGZ fans can catch the band performing the song live at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory on Friday, 4th August.

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