Watch: The Black Keys Announce New Album? – Possibly Named ‘El Camino’

The Black Keys look set to announce a new LP after releasing a cryptic video that may give away clues to the album name and release date. This will be their sixth studio album and quick follow-up to their 2010 album Brothers.

The clip is a parody of a used car dealership ad that has a salesman trying to sell a used El Camino van. The clip (watch below) gives away a few clues to a possible name, El Camino and a release date December 6th.

The description on the website reads:

1994 EL CAMINO: 273,000 mi. 200 cubic-in. 3.3L 95hp V6 engine, 3-speed turbo autom shift, sapphire stylus, some ticks/pops, light surface noise. Working AM/FM radio, tan metalflake/woodie panels, some rust. Black vinyl seats. Priced to sell — Grab the Keys and go! Contact Pat or Dan at (330) 510-1206

Upon calling the number above you get a message from The Black Keys.

The blues rock duo had revealed earlier in the year that they were in the studio recording new songs. Singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach said “It’s the fastest we’ve ever played. The new album doesn’t sound like Brothers. It doesn’t have that open soul feel to it. It’s way more driving and the tempos are really fast.”

They also revealed two track names, Lonely Boy, which is “one of the first songs we recorded,” says Auerbach. “Almost every song on the record has a foundation of live drums and guitar together in the room. It’s guitar bleeding into the drum mics. It’s pretty raw.”

The second song Little Black Submarine, “We recorded it four or five different times in different ways. We would start from scratch and then start over. The version that we ended up with is weird. It starts with just acoustic guitar and vocals and by the end it sounds like Black Sabbath!”

Watch: The Black Keys – El Camino Teaster

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