The Black Keys’ New MasterClass Parody Video Is Perfect

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube, chances are you’ve been advertised a MasterClass. For those unaware, the concept of MasterClass is they’re these online video classes from big name celebrities and professionals, who (for a fee) will teach you everything you need to know to excel at whatever vocation you desire.

You can (supposedly) learn how to be a great writer courtesy of Margaret Atwood, or pick up cooking skills from Gordon Ramsey himself. On the musical side, the likes of Deadmau5, Timbaland and Tom Morello all offer their insight through the program.

The ads are generally very serious, with a lot of intense music, and pseudo-motivational – but largely meaningless – quotes from the “masters” in question.

Now, The Black Keys have spoofed those courses with a new Funny Or Die video.

“Every song on a record is trying to accomplish something,” says the band’s Dan Auerbach as the video opens. “That song in particular was trying to get me a new pool,” he says – referencing the fact that the classes rarely seem to address the wealth gap that exists between teachers and their virtual students.

Drummer Patrick Carney, meanwhile, muses that “It means a lot to be a drummer. One of the things it means is that you’re not a good guitar player, or as good, as someone else, that you know, who’s in your band.”

Anyway, it’s all very funny. You can check it out below and learn to “write music like the pros” – unless, as the band points out, you’re not “naturally gifted like us. Then we can’t really help you.”

The Black Keys released their ninth studio album Let’s Rock back in June.



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