Watch The Ramones Get Welcomed Into Heaven

The folks at Funny Or Die have paid a tongue-in-cheek yet heartfelt tribute to the recent passing of Tommy Ramone, last surviving original member of seminal punk rock outfit the Ramones. In the skit, two angels played by Traci Lords and Dave Foley welcome the band’s members to heaven.

“Peace and happiness, that’s kind of heaven’s brand,” Foley reminds the punk commandos. “Some of your Ramones-type antics are disturbing the other visitors,” Lords chimes in. She’s referring to mugging other band members for their pizza and stealing glue from Thomas Edison to get a buzz.

The skit, which features numerous references to some of the band’s most iconic songs, ends with a tribute to all four of the band’s original members: Dee Dee, who passed in 2002, Joey, who died in 2001, Johnny, who followed in 2004, and Tommy, whose death was announced early last week.

Watch: The Ramones Go To Heaven

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