Watch This Guitarist Play 100 Classic TV Theme Songs In One Take

The ‘100 riffs in one take’ video format isn’t anything new, but music marketplace Reverb has turned its attention (and the talents of a local guitarist) to recreating 100 classic TV theme songs in just one sitting.

Reverb’s stellar effort sees “local riff-master Joe” lead us through the list of 100 TV themes, including the likes of The Twilight Zone (with spooky lighting), The Addams Family (with finger-clicking) and Get Smart (with a shoe phone).

More contemporary programs like The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad and Parks And Recreation are also included, with what else rounding out the pack but the Game Of Thrones theme song, which has already seen its fair share of covers.

What’s more, the lengthy guitar tabs for “riff-master” Joe’s valiant effort are available in full over at the Reverb website, if you’re gutsy enough to give the whole thing (or maybe just your favourite bits) a shot.

The ‘100 riffs in one take’ format was popularized by the Chicago Music Exchange, who offered up “a brief history of rock’n’roll” in their 2012 “100 Riffs” video. Catch both that video and Reverb’s 100 TV theme songs, below.

Watch: 100 TV Theme Songs On Guitar

Watch: 100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock N’ Roll)

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