Hear A Pop-Punk Cover Of Simpsons Classic ‘The Garbage Man’ Featuring Jen From Ball Park Music

The mad musical scientist responsible for a slew of pop-punk Simpsons covers is back with his take on the s09e22 anthem ‘The Garbage Man’.

garbage man

The song featured in the golden era episode ‘Trash Of The Titans’ so, naturally, Dan Cribb has recruited a titan of his own to help him with the latest edition to his Worst. Cover. Ever. series.

Jen Boyce from Aussie icons Ball Park Music has leant her very un-trashy pipes to the track, which marks the Perth dude’s seventh pop-punk Simpsons tribute, following such high-paced bar-chord bangers as ‘Baby On Board’, ‘Oh, Streetcar!’ ‘Dr. Zaius/Chimpan-A To Chimpan-Z’ featuring Grenadiers’ Jesse Coulter, ‘Flaming Moes’ featuring Alex Lahey, the ‘Scorpio’ theme featuring Luca Brasi’s Tyler Richardson and ‘You’re Checkin’ In’ featuring Jeremy Neale.

Enjoy it below, and remember: the Garbage Man can ’cause he does it with a smile and never judges you.

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