Danny Elfman
Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty

Watch Danny Elfman Play The ‘Simpsons’ Theme, A ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Medley And More At Coachella 2022

Danny Elfman delivered a wide-ranging set at Coachella 2022 over the weekend that reflected the musician and composer’s long and diverse career. He was joined by a backing band that included Josh Freese and Wes Borland, not to mention a full orchestra.

During the hour-long set, Elfman performed a ton of tracks from his old band Oingo Boingo, including ‘Dead Man’s Party’, ‘Just Another Day’, ‘Only a Lad and more. He also drew on his lengthy resume of composing music for film and TV. Included in the set were renditions of his title theme for 2002’s Spider-Man, 1989’s Batman, and a rock version of the iconic Simpsons theme he penned.

Elsewhere during the set, the frequent Tim Burton collaborator performed a medley of songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas (‘Jack’s Lament’, ‘This Is Halloween’ and ‘What’s This?’), along with a handful of picks from Edward Scissorhands, ‘Breakfast Machine’ from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and more.

Threaded throughout were songs from Elfman’s second studio album, last year’s Big Mess, including ‘Happy’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Love in the Time of COVID’. Watch some of the big moments from Elfman’s Coachella set below.

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