Watch “US President Barack Obama” Join The Fight Against Sydney’s Lockout Laws

Sydney’s universally-loathed lockout laws have been decried by thousands of townsfolk, venue staff, celebrities and a growing number of Australian politicians since their introduction triggered the once plum city to start shrivelling and dying like a mouldy old prune on your nan’s windowsill.

And now, the leader of the free world, US President Barack Obama, has added his voice to the campaign calling for an end to the nanny state’s policy du jour (well, sort of).

During this weekend’s Reclaim The Streets rally, owner of Kings Cross venue The X Studio, Ron Creevey, dropped a savvy piece of anti-lockout propaganda featuring the POTUS himself arriving on Sydney’s sunset strip to pledge his support for the city’s ailing nightlife.

“Most folks want their economy to do better, and it looks like this has done the opposite,” the Commander in Chief quips as he strolls boss-ly past Kings X Maccas with a camera crew and plenty of perplexed Sydneysiders in toe, before glad-handing some of the Dreamgirls bouncers and giving a rousing speech next to the Fitzy Gardens fountain.

Of course, it’s not Obama himself, but his most most successful impersonator, Reggie Brown, who just so happens to be in town on a promo tour.

But still, Brown’s POTUS impression is so dead-on that it will leave zero doubt in your mind that the real Barack Obama would have no qualms whatsoever in hopping Air Force One for an emergency trip Down Under to throw the full weight of the American Government behind helping Sydneysiders fight for their right to party.

Yes. We. Can.

Check out the hilarious and ingenious video of Obama’s trip to the Cross, below.

Watch: President Obama Visits Kings Cross

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