Woman In Bacon Costume Dances On Stage With Kevin Bacon

It’s a headline I never thought I’d ever have the pleasure to write, but it’s true — a woman dressed as bacon has taken to the stage with American actor and musician Kevin Bacon, and there’s juicy footage to prove it.

As People notes, Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael Bacon — collectively known as The Bacon Brothers, because of course they are — played a gig at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey on 24th July, and a bacon-clad woman by the name of Rena Anne Toon was in the crowd.

Being a champ, Kevin Bacon invited Toon on stage for the encore, and she danced between The Bacon Brothers as they played Kenny Loggins’ Footloose from the Kevin Bacon-starring film of the same name. Catch footage and photos from the magnificent event, below.

Bacon later tweeted a photo of Toon, saying, “If [you’re] gonna come to a show on a sizzling hot day dressed as bacon then you gotta come on stage for the encore.”

Toon was so happy about the opportunity to dance with Bacon, AS bacon, that she signed up for a Twitter account after Bacon started inquiring about her online (Btw is anyone else salivating right now?).

Having set up the account, Toon tweeted, “Dancing with bacon dressed as bacon is going in all my college applications!! Best day ever!!!”

With those kinds of credentials, Toon is pretty much set for life. Relive her day as the bacon between the Bacons, below.

Watch: Woman In Bacon Costume Dances On Stage With Kevin Bacon

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