Photo: Nick Mckk

Woodes announces debut album ‘Crystal Ball’

Melbourne pop artist Woodes has been steadily releasing ethereal singles and EPs for a few years now, but now she has announced details of her long-awaited debut album Crystal Ball.

Alongside the announcement of the album, Woodes – real name Elle Graham – has also released its lead single ‘Euphoria’ which was written with The Kite String Tangle.

We’ve collaborated a bit in the last twelve months, doing a couple week-long writing trips for songs on my record,” Woodes said of the collaboration with TKST, real name Danny Harley.

It was written imagining it being played live, imagining it being so big and building at the end of the set, and sung all together. It’s really fun collaborating with Danny as we just add more and more ideas, and think on a very similar wavelength.”

Woodes seems determined to make the release of her debut album as interactive for fans as possible, teaming up with the brain behind ‘Splendour In The Minecraft’, Reuben Gore, to build a ‘Crystal Ball Village’ on a private Minecraft server for fans to enter upon the album’s release.

“Seeing the Splendour in the Grass minecraft go up, I immediately reached out to the creator of it…and now we’re planning all of the different components together,” Woodes said.

“It’s a really fun project, to showcase the record this way & get to hang out with my community during the release too.”

Crystal Ball is due out on Friday, 2nd October.

Watch the video for ‘Euphoria’, and the trailer for ‘Crystal Ball Village’, below.


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