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Made In Japan – Make your problems melt away

Written by Jason Strange on October 12, 2010

James from Made In Japan took a few moments to have a chat to Music Feeds about what’s been happening in Made In Japan’s universe and gives us the low down on their gig at MUM at World Bar this Friday night.

MF: What’s new with Made In Japan?

MIJ: We’ve got a bun in the oven! It’s been many, many months since our EP release, but we will be recording our debut album in the coming months, square in form but hip in essence. To anyone interested, don’t wet your little knickers just yet it won’t be out until next year.

MF: How would describe Made in Japan’s sound to the drunk guy at the bar?

MIJ: Without using the words/suffixes wave, gaze or core, I reckon. I think it would go like this: clear vocals; two guitars gently weaving in and out of one another; a razor sharp rhythm section; a mixture of restraint and occasional indulgence; catchy choruses; and interesting ideas. But if I only got one word in I’d say…. pleasant.

MF: You’ve had to start the year with a new bass player; how has he fitted into the band and what influence in sound has he brought?

MIJ: Like a Russian doll fits into a slightly larger Russian doll. We’ve all known each other for years, so it was a seamless transition. I wouldn’t say he has necessarily influenced the sound so far, just made sure it sits on a sturdy foundation, BUT we’re all addicted to Bombay Bicycle Club now so we’ll see what happens.

MF: How was your residency at the Oxford Art Factory a few months back?

MIJ: Totally adequate; the one coming up in November will be an entirely different animal. We have more than we did before.

MF: What are the bands’ plans over the summer?

MIJ: Sell albums at our exclusive Made In Japan CD and lemonade stand; that and a steady stream of local shows.

MF: Why should readers come and see you play MUM @ World Bar on the 15th?

MIJ: Because we ooze good vibes and make your problems melt away. Plus the new songs are off the chain son!

Made In Japan play Mum @ Worldbar this Friday 15th October.

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