• Woods – Straightening Out ‘Bend Beyond’

    Woods – Straightening Out ‘Bend Beyond’

    Once the at-home studio project of American musician Jeremy Earl – started as an exploration into songwriting, Brooklyn-based Woods have since evolved into a prolific lo-fi rock jam-band that tours the world. Behind the partnership of Earl and multi-instrumentalist / producer Jarvis Taveniere, Woods have released an album for almost each year of the band’s

  • Woods and Kurt Vile Release Split 7″

    Woods and Kurt Vile Release Split 7″

    Brooklyn’s finest psych-folk rockers Woods have teamed up with equally estimable indie favourite Kurt Vile for an intriguing split 7″, designed to commemorate the fact the two acts toured together in recent months. More bands should do this. The five-track release sees two tracks from Jeremy Earl’s Woods vehicle, and three from former member of

  • Woods To Release New Album ‘Sun & Shade’

    Woods To Release New Album ‘Sun & Shade’

    It doesn’t rain announcements of interesting new psych-folk albums, it thoroughly pours. Days after Vetiver announced the release of their upcoming album The Errant Charm, over on the East Coast Brooklyn’s Woods are ready to follow up last year’s At Echo Lake with their sixth LP, entitled Sun & Shade. Pitchfork reports that the new

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